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DeSantis, "mini trump goes to Texas", a mixed message

 From the Miami Herald,yesterday,  in Del Rio, Texas, minutes after DeSantis & Abbott hold a joint news conference on the border celebrating Florida law enforcement officers assisting with the apprehension of  undocumented migrants, in the exact spot that DeSantis just visited, a "Cuban" family struggles across the Rio Grande and "fell to their knees, looked up to the sky, and thanked  God while weeping"

Quote," Four years after escaping “terror” in Cuba, traversing 13 borders, a dangerous jungle, and finally, the Rio Grande, Gelacio Vera Gonzalez and his wife, Yenedi Monterrey Mena, touched American soil for the first time in the border city of Del Rio, Texas.

  ....Within seconds, they were surrounded by Texas & Florida officers to be turned over to the border patrol and face deportation."

  At the news conference, DeSantis complained, “Of the individuals, our law enforcement have apprehended at the border, more than 70% said they ultimately wanted to go to Florida” [undoubtedly an exaggeration].

  But you have to wonder why.   Maybe they're Cubans.  And you have to wonder how that's going to play with the Cubans in Florida, especially with all their buildings collapsing and covid surging.

  Meanwhile,  in response to questions about the cost, DeSantis says Texas will reimburse Florida's expenses, Texas says no we don't do that.


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Veteran Advisor

Re: DeSantis, "mini trump goes to Texas", a mixed message

Maybe the just wanted to go to Disney World, and spread the virus variant they are carrying.   Yeah - that’s gotta be it.