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Dean FOX might have saved Nixon

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Dean FOX might have saved Nixon

I disagree and this is why:  Okay, the big 3 news sources in 1973 were more fair, in other words, Walter Cronkite wouldn`t have joined in a cabal to take down a president on flimsy evidence of a crime yet to be determined.  Also, believe it or not in 1973, Trump would`ve been considered a liberal, he would`ve been "mainstream" in 1973, so there wouldn`t have been this "urgency" to take down the president.


Further more, Watergate was a obvious, easy to explain "crime"  Nixon had burglars break into the Watergate hotel to steal information from the Democrats (even though Nixon was set for a easy reelection) but whatever, the winners wrote the history book.   This Trump collusion thingy is a Rube Goldberg contraption and nearly 50yrs later, people can`t follow these obscure paint by the numbers made up crimes.  



And finally, us Conservatives were slapped around by Clinton and then Obama, we we told to "get to the back of the bus!" we were treated like Rosa Parks.  Trump was elected to settle scores, so whatever commandments he may`ve broken in the past, we need to stand by our gladiator  "FOX" or no FOX.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Chronic denial...Josh calls BS

Here`s the problem with those types of articles, I know you have a mancrush on Josh, but can you tell us exactly what Russia did that got Trump elected?  Okay you have the Trump team, possibly Trump talking to a Russian....well, Bill Clinton talked to Loretta Lynch on the tarmac about grandkids...yeah right.  But tell us did Trump talk to the Russians about grandkids?   


Did the Russian give Trump information on how crooked Hillary is?  Did the Russian go on Facebook and argue with Hillary supporters convincing them one voter at a time to change their vote for Trump?   See, that`s the one big aspect in these stories that`s missing.   Trump was out spent by Hillary, Trump had no where near the organization as Hillary and you got the US media conspiring against Trump 4-square.  John Harwood a debate "moderator" calling Trump a comicbook villain.  


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