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Death crosses

i.e., 50 dma turning through the 200, said to be a harbinger of trending markets, or in recent years typically the anticipation of said move a lure to get overanxious shorts to sell and thus springboard the market higher.


But now the turn in the broader RUT and NYSE are well established, the NAZ pretty much and the SP500 and DJIA are close.*


Trump has always been a loser with bad timing but he could have stretched this thing out a bit further if he wasn't also an idiot.


The Ayn Rand Congress got one more bit of blood out of the turnip for their donors (the people who deserve it) but that was going to be about it anyway.


Cue the whirlwind, with plenty to blame on whomever you'd like to.

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Re: Death crosses

* the asterisk was to say that the DC or any other momentum indicator isn't abolutely predictive by any means.


If I wanted to really be concerned about something it would be the fact that the 3 and 5 year UST yields inverted yesterday.