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Death panels work

Look how much we as a nation will now save on unissued social security checks and medicare savings.




A Vietnam veteran denied a vital cancer checkup for more than a year by the VA in Atlanta died at home on Saturday.

Great-grandfather, Norman Spivey, 64, passed away from complications arising from Stage 4 colon cancer that had spread to his liver and lymph nodes.

He was seen for the first time and diagnosed as terminal in July and Spivey's wife, Gayla, has revealed her fury at the fatal delay.

'I have no way of knowing that if he had had a colonoscopy a year ago, that the outcome would be any different,' said Gayla to WMAZ.

'But there's always that possibility. A year? A year to work with it. You know? I mean, it may not have spread to the liver. It may not have spread to the lymph nodes.

'It may be okay. But right now, it's not. Right now, it's not okay. It's just not okay.'

Spivey's treatment is another scandalous example of mismanagement at the VA, making former armed forces veterans wait more than a year for an appointment and then publishing secret waiting lists to hide the delays.

When the shameful treatment of the nation's veterans was made public in May, VA administrator Eric Shinseki was forced to resign.


As soon as he was eventually diagnosed, Spivey was put through an arduous cycle of chemotherapy, which despite reducing the cancer, left him weakened, unable to eat and 54 pounds lighter.

Gayla said that it was only the intervention of a local news crew that made the VA begin the chemotherapy.

'His spirits were so good,' said Gayla to WMAZ. 'He had such a good outlook, he was determined to get better.'

Speaking to WMAZ, Gayla broke down in tears and told WMAZ, 'He fought cancer as hard as any battle he ever fought.

'He was the strongest, most courageous man I've ever known. He was a brave soldier all the way up until the end. He will be missed by many, many people.'

Spivey is survived by five children, 12 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

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