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Veteran Advisor

Debate Night

Well, here we are again. I don't think Trump has a handle on the English language. Why else would we have to have his army of interpreters out the every time he speaks, telling us what he said, what he didn't say, what he meant and whether or not it was just a joke.

The real joke? It's that Donald J Trump and his army thinks he has a chance to win the Presidency.

But I guess in a rigged system like we have here in the US, anything can happen. Look how rigged Agriculture Online here is. I post the tags of another poster on here, because they are disgusting, and I get a few days on the beach. Others can post whatever they want, and they just get to keep on posting. I guess they are "the chosen" ones, probably posting the feelings of those monitoring this site.

But I'm not so easily persuaded to stop my posting against the people the Republicans have put up at the top of their ticket. Neither have the values of a society that values all of the society, not just the pretty people, or those that don't fit into the hole that they are supposed to.