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Debt "set aside"??

Or "written down"?  "Discharged"? "eschewed"?


I don't think I'd be wrong in guessing that moost here know what I'm refering to, either as a benficiary or witness, or maybe even as a note holder.


Heck of an interview here:,1518,769703,00.html



Suggests that maybe some of those "eschewed reparations" should come down off  the shelf.

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Re: Debt "set aside"??

I'm pretty darn sure that this generation of Germans is beyond feeling like they need to pay for the misdeeds of their forebearers.


It would be akin to getting Ollie to pay reparations to African Americans.


Re: Debt "set aside"??

What I wasn't aware of is that the accounts are apparantly still on the books.


I wonder if the IRS woud ever be interested in the numbers from the  writedowns of the "farm crisis" era. Somehow, they conveniently weren't at the time.  I suppose though that there is probably some  statute of limitationss that has run out on them.