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Deep State Bill Barr


has labored diligently on behalf of the Deep State for his entire career. As has fake alter boy Brett Kavanaugh, who took care of the Vince Foster problem. Like Arlen Specter and Jerry Ford's (a couple RINOs if there ever were) brilliant "magic bullet" theory, when you come through big you can be assured of a long and rewarding career.


The Deep State is in a delicate position here. They'd be very happy to support Pres. Trump who, on the surface, shares many of their values. But the fact that he's a Russian mole is problematic.


But he's mostly been gelded at this point. He can slow walk sanctions on his Russian oligarch handlers, cover for murderin' MBS etc. 


They now have the upper hand and whatever undue influence Russia and Israel* have is mostly hemmed in. They'll wait it out in the way they do things- semi-constitutional respect for our institutions, up to a point.


*that's obviously relative.

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The Deep State and the fake alter boys

who they run through one of their front organizations- The Federalist Society.


The link goes all the way back to CIA Rome station chief James Jesus Angleton and the Vatican Collegio Teutonico who conspired to run the ratlines that smuggled ex-nazis to South America after WWII.


They later managed to elevate a CIA asset to Pope in 1979. He's seen here camping with his CIA handler.


I'll work on that some more. There's probably a bit of artistic license in there but the basic themes are way closer to the truth than the RWNJ deep state conspiracy theories that are currently getting thrown about.




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Re: The Deep State and the fake alter boys

purely a transactional matter. The Catholic Church got to save Catholic war criminals' necks, the Deep State got an unparalleled back channel network across the Soviet occupied territories. 


And of course both shared an anti-Soviet agenda. That's what had led to the church's collaboration with the fascists to begin with although I think it is fair to conclude that they didn't anticipate the resulting genocide.


Anyhow, all that got wrapped up, sorta, almost 3 decades ago although as it turns out the hoped for recovery of the Eastern Orthodox Church isn't much but a political front for authoritarian oligarch capitalism.


Deep State is really pretty confused in the present time other than the century long rock solid commitment to take down leftist movements in Latin America and tolerate RW authoritarian governments if necessary.


Fightin' all those Long Wars, I guess. 

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the Deep State and Vince Foster

in many ways, deservingly hoisted by their own petard.


The super Ultra Deep State-y Reagan years featured an arrangement with an ambitious opportunist who made the state of Arkansas pretty available for whatever.


Among those was a super important banking software back door run by an NSA/Mossad front company headquartered in Little Rock.,_Inc***


Attorney Vince Foster had done legal work for them and, whatever he did to get backwards with them, needed to go away, quickly.


Best guess as to what happened from there was that The Deep State was very willing to birth the Clinton Conspiracy Industry* as a means of misdirection and, going forward, as a means of control.


*was about 10% on them, but 90% on Reagan, if the front man counts. If not then GHWB who was the pivotal character.


*** Stephens family very secretive Little Rock Republican (who backed Bill Clinton) billionaires with impeccable Deep State credentials.

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I'll amend that

going to back through some of that AR stuff I'd say that the Deep State heyday stuff is more 70/30 Reagan/Clinton vs. 90/10.


Reagan was, of course, just a sock puppet for The Bushes.

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Re: The Deep State and the fake alter boys

they didn't anticipate the resulting genocide


They may not have anticipated it but other than local initiative by a few brave and loving people the church did nothing to stop it or even declare it was wrong.

that leaves one thinking that what the 'church' and its leaders really thought was it would be great to annihilate all those heathens who did not bow down to their idea of a magic being.