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Deep State or Belgium?

Sorta the wrong question but they both arrive at the same destination.

The quick funeral of the Epstein matter is in progress and the shovels are at ready to finish the burial. Whether it was about The Deep State (for lack of better word) of just an astonishing level of moral depravity among powerful men, you won't know. A bit of both I'd imagine.

BTW, fake billionaires such as Dennison and Epstein are a real problem for the real elite but- whomever that encompasses,-they have a great many tools in their kits for deflection.

The Q-ers, God Bless their wacky little hearts, do have a degree of native, intuitive wisdom.  They've just been sent woofing down the wrong trail. And of course the saddest thing about their little fever dream is that they believe there's some white angel (Q) who will come and make justice prevail.

Thinking through this, though, here's the reason why I think that isn't so harmless, in addition to the obvious. If people weren't deflected onto some fairy tale they would be likely to become as outraged and cynical about the actual nature of things as Belgians were after le affaire Dutroux.  

The world of fake news and thought management appears to proceed apace.


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Re: Deep State or Belgium?

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Re: Deep State or Belgium?

New York Times is fully satisfied with the results of the investigation. Tells you all you need to know.


Re: Deep State or Belgium?

And FOX too.

But yes. Which actually offers some clues.

I'll be brief in the hope that my comments on the matter won't disappear, as they have a few times. Played out in real time on CBS evening news- divert to the hyoid, get an expert talking head to say that the hyoid isn't indicative of anything, then case closed, cue the puppy spot.

There are technical papers on the topic to be found but they can't be posted here.

And anyway, we all know those scientists will lie for the grant money.



Re: Deep State or Belgium?

BTW, I haven't seen the source documents as to which of the purported "several neck bones" were fractured. But there is a limited selection.


Re: Deep State or Belgium?

BTW also disappeared, I expressed my doubts as to whether either of our recent disgusting horndog presidents is really central to the larger matter.