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Senior Advisor

Re: Defiant Obama pushes on

@GreaTOne_65 wrote:

Just so you know, this election was a real joke, 36.6% of the eligible voters, voted, NO MANDATE. And what you think elected them isn't even close.



If peopled liked what Obama was doing they would have gone out to vote dem returning the house to him, keeping the senate in dem hands, and stripped repubs of governorships and state houses. They did not. The crushed Obama and the dems because they want him STOPPED.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

What about hog confinement barns?

I know that despite my personal feelings on hog confinement, I and most other Americans eat a lot of pork that comes through these sites....what do you think the future holds for that investment? You get the tax deductions, the fertilizer, and hopefully some cash flow out of them.


I actually own three permitable sites. The guy at Agstar said that there probably are only a dozen or so sites left in the whole county that can make it through the permit process because of the setback requirements.


Not really fired up to buy any more land until I can buy Shifty's 400 acres for $1.2 million total.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: What about hog confinement barns?

That is a good question Red. A Bigshot I know that seems to get everything right, actually sold the site for bldgs and he gets all the or really cheap knowing him.  It works out well he can run a drag hose  to 6-700 of his acres, under the road through culverts terrific deal for him.


One thing this fall, Bigshots all had big square balers just followng the back end of their combine, just taking the combine tailings, I hear they get $10/acre for that.  That`s one of those deals i always hear about too late  Smiley Happy