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Senior Advisor

Delta variant kinda like the flu

I guess. If you’re fully vaccinated and have a breakthrough infection.

But less likely to get it than if you aren’t vaccinated for seasonal flu.

And people do die from the flu. Probably at about 1/50th the rate of the native strain of Covid.

Only a guess on that because we don’t go to (irrationally uneven) extremes for flu.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Delta variant kinda like the flu

Younger, healthier people virtually do not die from the flu.

They can and do from Covid.

Of course we’re kinda skipping past the “those other folks were gonna die anyway” part.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Delta variant kinda like the flu

Suddenly, we’re past the “they deserved to die” mantra that was present here for the past year and a half.   It’s getting real now…..where it’s not us old Bass Tards that deserve to die that are doing the dying.   It’s the “Covid is just a hoax!”   crowd.   Awwwwww - so sorry - too late…..