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Dem coyness

I don’t know if it’s going anywhere but from the Democrat prattle I run across the current memorandums are recommending abandoning or ignoring identity politics and focusing on hard issue policy stuff. 

No idea where it goes but it doesn’t appear that at least st for now “the squad” is running the show. 

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Re: Dem coyness

Probably their focus groups told them they milked that cow dry.  The Iowa State Fair is a real eye opener for the Dems and the media, I listen to NPR and they admit the unscientific candidate kernel contest that Trump is ahead of all the Democrats, then on PBS news they showed the kernel jars conveniently not showing Trump`s jar of kernels....but you can damned well bet if Cory Booker had more kernels in his jar, then they would really show Trump`s jar and fireworks going off and 76 trombones playing "Happy Days are here Again!".  

I think you guys have gone as far as you can go and picked up the last straggler on the "Hate Trump bandwagon", now you have to convince people with a job and money in their pockets that their lives actually suck.

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Re: Dem coyness

Bernie of course.

As in his epic NH primary victory speech.

Started out running down the list of outgroups he wasn't going to abandon.

Then he got down to the important stuff that affects everyone.


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Re: Dem coyness

What hard issues do they have?  Killing employer paid medical?  That'll thrill the masses.  Shipping more manufacturing to china?  Open border and free everything to new voting citizens?


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Re: Dem coyness

Do you mean they intend to try and lie there way into the white house?


What issues do the Demrats win on?

lets face the facts...the progressives never won on any issues nationally, they won with Obama on the white guilt crowd, and the Obama "clean, articulate" candidacy...won twice actually.

Meanwhile, the USA keeps shifting away from the issues that define them....majority of America does NOT want viable babies aborted...once you get past the first trimester, any support of infanticide pretty much dries up.

Americans want to KEEP their guns.....the second amendment is in good shape as far as support....people recognize that it's mentally ill people committing crimes, not guns. Take away the guns, and they use trucks, plane, five gallon cans of gasoline, etc. 

American citizens of all shapes and hues WANT secure borders.....Trump won on this issue more than any other and it still resonates. Any of the twenty stooges can debate him until they are blue in the face, and Trump still wins on it.

People also don't want to lose employer provided healthcare, they wish to keep the right to choose their medical providers, and anyone with a job and paying taxes in America recognizes that the USA can't provide cradle to grave healthcare to the world.

Another thing that people are sick of is the liberal media blasting Trump on virtually any move the guy makes, and the politics of division. The latest is blaming Trump for a rash of mentally ill people committing mass murder. Not only the media going after the POTUS and fostering national division, but also the front runners of the demrat clown show.

So, bring on a debate on the issues...find something that the progs actually win on , rather than trying to say Trump dated a porn star or something like that. If there is a tape of Trump with a 14 yr old girl in Epstein's stash, it should be exposed and then Trump should resign and Pence could start his 2020 campaign. No evidence of Trump being a pedo but that never stops the progs, right?



Gil weighs in


hate is like taking poison and thinking that it will kill someone else.

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Re: What issues do the Demrats win on?

people recognize that it's mentally ill people committing crimes, not guns.

No mentally ill people in other countries like Europe, Japan etc.?

they wish to keep the right to choose their medical providers

So you can got to any hospital or doctor you wish and the insurance company will let you?

How unusual......not.  I choose which doctor I wish to see and where I wish to go as long as the doctor works there and no insurance company says anything or even expects me to pay them. No arguing about how much the hospital or doctor wants to charge or co payments either.

Too bad I do not have care like yours where I have to pay a premium every week or month.