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Dem’s biggest challenge?

Might not be so much finding a nominee but rather keeping Trump in office.
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Re: Dem’s biggest challenge?

what a collosal waste of time in reading that NYT regurgitation piece.  


Personally I cannot wait for the 2020 Trump/Warren debates and the Cherokee hecklers in full headdress sitting in the front row.


So the progressives are finally acknowledging in print that the Russia Russia Russia witch-hunt has fizzled out? At least that was informative. 

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Re: Dem’s biggest challenge?

You're surprised?

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Re: Dem’s biggest challenge?

Pelosi`s first order of business was to turn the "Ocasio-Cortez`s" into Liars by voting for her when they promised not to to get elected.  The Liberal vernacular seems to be "anyone that disagrees with us is a Liar" Schurrbart was able to spin that Warren wasn`t lying about being an Indian.  Liberals call unfit for office "A politician that isn`t a Leftist" Obama shut down the government "but that was a good thing to keep his Obamacare and my free ride going", Trump shuts down the government to put pressure on Democrats to agree to keeping Mexicans out, "That`s a baaaad thing, we want Mexicans in, so Trump is unfit". Soooo yeah, I suppose if enough Obama judges rule on fitness, the fitness will be judged by those that bet heavily on their dog in the fight.


If Trump is a one termer or less than one term, he`s done more for this country than JFK and Truman and TR rolled up into one, because he has awakened the sleeping frogs in the boiling pot.  He`s brought much needed attention to the immigration problem and the trade one else could.

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Re: Dem’s biggest challenge?



IMHO, POTUS Trump ‘s SCOTUS picks will be his lasting legacy. Replacing the ailing RBG would be the icing on the cake. Look for newly elected senator Mitt Flake to try to slow down or derail a conservative pick,though.


Trump was the first actual conservative to be on a national ballot since Reagan,  both were formerly Democrat kittens that had their eyes opened, and both won big victories.  Something to be learned here by those with good discernment skills.


If the loops would attempt to stack the court, look for the second amendment forces to come into play.....I know what side of America I would bet on if push ever comes to shove.