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Democracy, capitalism, socialism, yes


As far as a political convesation that is increasingly dominated by people who are fervently anti one of the above.


"But regardless of their relative political power, all of these these ill-considered, utopian, faith-based, tribalistic anti-isms are a bane on the body politic. At this point in our evolution, capitalism, socialism, and democracy are necessary for any country’s prosperity, economic freedom, and economic well-being. And they all need improvement — just as we’ve been fitfully improving things for hundreds, even thousands of years."


Good insights. Particularly the one that the anti-democratic tendencies are now largely represented in the anarcho-libertarian crowd who tend to imagine the world as Galt's Gulch, ruled by a meritocratic elite, which they no doubt believe they would embody.


A closer read of Atlas Shrugged would recall that Galt's Gulch actually sort of resembled Animal Farm insofar as some animals there were more equal than others. But I guess once you've gone that far it isn't imagine you'd naturally rise into that elite as well.

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Re: Democracy, capitalism, socialism, yes

Interesting. But futile. The U.S. is an oligarchy. Many studies have bore this out including one reported by BBC using data from the early 80's on. So public policy driving politics doesn't necessarily apply.