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Democrat choking on God

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Re: Democrat choking on God

So You think that the american public has to acknowledge the existance of the supreme being and honor that supreme being whether she truley exists or not?


I suppose that "In God we Trust" should also remain.


Again religion tries to ram it's way into our lives!  Do you give ALLAH the same respect? Would you bow down to Allah or is it just your god that deserves your respect?

Senior Contributor

Re: Democrat choking on God

the funny thing is Allah is a god too as is Thor, Zeus, Sol etc., thousands of gods!


Everytime they say that pledge they are calling on all those gods too.

Now is it not true that their 'god' frowns on such things?

How can they do that, calling on unnamed gods to protect them?

Are they not supposed to just bow down to their Jesus god or whichever one they happen to believe in?