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Democrats at work


3 Democrats signed off on this bill originally. 


It would prohibit semi's from driving on state roads unless they were delivering something.  It also allowed law enforcement to stop them without a warrant and search.


No provisions for traveling to a pickup.  No provision for traveling to a repair shop. 


So much wrong with these people I won't even list. 

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Why Pick On Democrats?

In many parts of the world, there are restrictions on large truck traffic.


I've sat behind large trucks that take 10-15 miles to pass each other and wished the driver would show more consideration.  It happens a lot around urban areas.


A Republican politician representing the wishes of the congested traffic constituency might also be looking for a way to improve commuting.


It looks like more of a traffic problem than a political problem.

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Re: Why Pick On Democrats?

been in both words, and those who stay beside for miles in the passing lanes are the ones who thought they needed to get ahead...


then it might be, someone/in georgia has forgotten, food comes off the grocery selves, clothes come from store shelves and hangers, just by magic any of it

got to the store..