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Democrats don't debate PP and the elephant in the room

Most of America doesn't agree with the far left and Trump has been the first president during my lifetime to take on the PP agenda. 

Maybe you don't like the NRA, but no one forces you to fund it. Think about that.

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Re: Democrats don't debate PP and the elephant in the room

Along with that is the often conflation of drivers license with a gun license.  The license to drive is given to people that will drive on a government funded road.  You can drive all over without a license if you don't do it on government property.

The government doesn't supply any service to gun owners, indeed it does the opposite in plain contrary to the US Constitution which plainly states "shall not be infringed."

Let wing and poorly educated judges have found extensive "reasonable" regulations are legitimate and do not infringe the right.  A statement that is patently absurd, regulation that describe what you can own, where you can carry, where you have to store are all infringements.

Infringe has synonyms that clearly define this; undermine · erode · diminish · weaken · impair · damage · compromise · limit · curb

key of course is undermine, erode and impair  all of which indicate such "regulation" are illegal and the statement "reasonable" is a subjective term with no factual basis or universal definition.