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Democrats/liberals are short sighted

Today the Democratic party is bringing in millions of people that don't speak English, don't believe in traditional American values, and in some cases actively want to overthrow the US.


It flies in the face of reason for a blue collar worker to vote Democratic or for African Americans to vote Democratic as the Democrats are supplanting their jobs with foreign workers and depleting the social security funds by giving social security to the families of these foreign interlopers.


The Democratic party itself will eventually find that when a sufficient number of these non-Americans exist they will form their own parties and current Democrats will not be part of them.  Currently these non-Americans are utilizing the Democrats party structure to get power in major cities but eventually they will oust old Democrats and the Democratic party will be defunct. 



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Re: Democrats/liberals are short sighted

Some of their core support is starting to flee. Some of Hillary's deplorables.



The country’s largest police union on Friday endorsed Donald Trump for president, calling the Republican candidate “a proven leader” who is not afraid to make tough choices.

The National Fraternal Order of Police, which represents more than 330,000 officers across the country, granted the endorsement to Mr. Trump with more than two-thirds support from its national board.

“He understands and supports our priorities and our members believe he will make America safe again,” said FOP President Chuck Canterbury.

The decision comes after the FOP announced earlier this year that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton had declined to answer a questionnaire, which the organization requires before inviting candidates to speak with the group for a potential endorsement.

Red Steele
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They are Greedy, Too