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Democrats...the Real Source of Miniority Oppression

Name the president of the three listed with the best record on civil rights...Nixon, Johnson, or Carter. Yes, you guessed it, Old Tricky **bleep** himself. Nixon believed in equal rights and equal opportunity, not in perpetual welfare and a secure Democrat voting block of entitlement minded minorities.


Even MLK knew a winner when he met one...look at this...



Martin Luther King with Richard Nixon

MLK with RMNGrand Old Partisan salutes Martin Luther King, born this day in 1929.

Here  he is with Vice President Richard Nixon in 1957.  They met on Capitol  Hill for a discussion of ways to overcome Democrat opposition to the  Republican civil rights agenda.




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Re: Democrats...the Real Source of Miniority Oppression

Yes, that would be the same RN whose administration founded the EPA  and was planning to push for a national health care plan as the capstone to the second term.  And where the top marginal tax rate was 70%, basically holding at the level that Kennedy had cut to from the 91% during the Eisenhower years.


By current standards he was well to the left of Obama.


I'm not sure that either RN or LBJ were particularly enlightened on matters of race at all but were politicians and were serving the interests of the empire. The US couldn't win the cold war with its ciities in flames. A message of liberty and a better way of political organization wasn't going to win the battle that was being raged in the post colonial third world when it was clear for everyone to see that all citizens were not treated equally in the USA.


So they commenced upon the war on poverty, forced desegregation etc., which didn't really accomplish a lot but did provide a cover for the story and held out long enough for the grand game to be won.


The current political landscape is deeply influenced by the resentments that remain from that time. RN played both sides of it- he ran his southern strategy, talked law and order etc. and that began the realignment into what is the present day republican party.


 Since then welfare has been scaled back dramatically, of course.


I think you can say the same thing, in part, about the EPA.  I don't think that the rest of the world was going to buy the capitalist story when the US was turning into a fetid hellhole as a result of not accounting for the externalities of its breakneck economic growth. And I think that in terms of the things that were understood by science in those days- primarily air and water pollution-  it is one of our proudest achievements.



Re: Democrats...the Real Source of Miniority Oppression

PS- I think the same may be said of economic inequality- income and wealth inequality was much less in those days and if there was a competing philosophy embodied in a world power  it would be seen as more urgent to rectify the situation.


China isn't really competing with us philosophically, at least on the surface. In fact in third world resource development situations they beat us at our own game- they show up with the money and get 'er done.


One of the pivotal points in recent history would sort of be the converse to our reaction to the Soviet challenge. The challenge from the Japanese shogun style corporate/government partnerships made us think we had to "compete" and the outcome was TBTF financial institutions and a general surrender to corporate power.



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Re: Democrats...the Real Source of Minority Oppression


  1. A person who believes that people are motivated purely by self-interest rather than acting for honorable or unselfish reasons.
  2. A person who questions whether something will happen or is worthwhile.
  3. A person that believes this only applies to Republicans.

Re: Democrats...the Real Source of Miniority Oppression

There is, I think, a real lesson about the huge unintended consequences of massive government intervention in this.


(What Kunstler refers to as) the tragic wasteland of suburban sprawl surely has a large part of its origins in the desegregation edicts of the 70s.  When you start messing with the way that humans naturally will organize themselves in neighborhoods and communities based on cultural and class affinities, you're playing a game that is destined to be lost.


The destruction of the cities can be traced to that as much as anything and opportunities for the minorties and others left behind were severely impaired. I'd blame that for the chronic persistence of a black underclass as much or more than welfare although I don't have any answers on how to tackle it.


And of course as schools and safety deteriorated the growing black middle class that was in part enabled by the outcomes of the civil rights revolution departed as well, leaving those communities largely bereft of leadership.


That was really a disaster although the primary disaster remains the fact that for 90 years the US utterly failed to protect the constitutional rights of a large class of its citizens.  Not dealing with that huge matter was politically expedient at the time but has a very, very long tail.



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Re: Democrats...the Real Source of Minority Oppression

Good Posts. Maybe you provided the answer that GW was looking for when he told his handlers they could have the money to rescue the TBTF institutions, but that after all of that was over someone was going to have to sit down and tell him how we got to the point that any business was deemed too big to fail.


Nixon was a flawed political creature, but if you listen to his tapes you can hear in his own voice that he thought every man, regardless of skin color, deserved an equal shot at success. I doubt that many limousine liberal type democrats actually believe that.


Re: Democrats...the Real Source of Miniority Oppression

We are being held captive by the mythology that surrounds our late 20th century Republican Presidents nox.  Personally, I can't begin to count the number of times I've referred to Nixon as our last genuinely progressive President.  The oligarchs and their adjacent shoulder rubbers who invented Reagan out of whole cloth were responding every bit as much to what they saw as alarming coming out of the Nixon administration as they were to anything coming out of Congress or the Carter Administration. 


And it's notable that a number of former Nixon minions have written and spoken out about their regrets over what a long term catastrophy it was for Nixon to have stood by while the "Southern strategy " was being implemented.  That he ultimately came to regret it has somehow been left out of the mythology


Romney as Reagan will be the central theme of the Presidential campaign once the convention sends him forth.  It will be interesting to see how those who never experienced the cinematic thrill, or the alleged boat lifting benifits of it all, will respond.



Re: Democrats...the Real Source of Miniority Oppression

You know, I do have a lot of sympathy for people who were impacted by things like the forced integration of the 70s which I  regard as a complete clusterfork, regardless of how good some intentions might have been. Likewise for related  things like minority preference programs which were bound to create as much push back as any good they could accomplish. And of course Roe v. Wade in that period remains a festering sore on the body politic.


All of which came to pass during the high water mark of cultural influence of the uber-collectivist, scientific secularist WWII generation. Who are now mostly off to glory with a 21 gun salute, but anyway. Their times were different, I pretty much understand but history needs to be recorded accurately.


But I also can't  help but believe that grievances about those policies have been carefully attached to a global imperial corporatist agenda. As the  Evil Dr. K has often said about the Republican party, they are extraordinarily good a getting people to support policies that are not in their own best interests.


BTW, I though my memory was OK but checked and Nixon aide Safire says that the boss wanted handguns banned and strict licensing of hunting rifles.  As social wedge issues go, I don't think the gun thing really became a significant national issue until after the riots of the '60s, desegregation turmoil of the 70s and all the attendant law and order political rhethoric.


And interestingly enough, fear of crime remains higher than ever even as violent crime rates continue to subside.