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Senior Advisor

Dems are gona freak

Game changer.



Are you ready to hear it? Are you ready to change history? I want President Trump to run for a House seat in 2022. Pick a winnable Republican district in Florida- where the President is beloved. I promise 74+ million Trump voters will get excited. They will volunteer, donate, spread the word and yes, many will move to your district in Florida to help elect you, Mr. President.

This isn’t about one House seat. With Trump campaigning and leading the battle, Republicans will sweep to victory in 2022 with the biggest GOP voter turnout in history. We will win a GOP House landslide by 40 to 60 seats- just like 2010 and 2014.

Now to the important part of my plan. Next, the GOP Congress elects Donald J. Trump as Speaker of the House- the second most powerful job in America. From that platform, Trump rules DC for the next two years. He is Biden’s worst nightmare…

Speaker of the House Trump can open a dozen criminal investigations against Biden. He can lead the impeachment of Biden (how ironic would that be?). He can block every single Biden bill. He will stop the Biden agenda dead in its tracks.

And don’t forget, Speaker of the House Trump can sit behind Biden for each State of the Union address. I can’t wait to watch that.

I told President Trump he will become an American folk hero. His legend will grow even larger. His brand and actions will dominate DC politics leading into 2024. From that platform, folk hero Trump wins the presidency again in 2024. After first saving America from the Biden disaster.

Trump was clearly fascinated by the idea. He should be. It’s a game-changer for Trump, for the GOP, for Congress, for America.

The seed has been planted. I hope and pray I just changed the course of history. God bless Trump and God bless America.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Dems are gona freak

He'll be dead from the syphillis by then.

Senior Contributor

Re: Dems are gona freak

Never happen. If he's not large and in charge, his ego would never allow it.
Senior Contributor

Re: Dems are gona freak

That would be awesome

bruce MN

Re: Dems are gona freak

Nothing better than a few more bits to assure the passage of SB1.

Hopefully they will keep on coming. 

I just read that the AZ GQP has commissioned a second outfit to do an additional audit so that they can compare the results. 

Veteran Advisor

Re: Dems are gona freak

I read about this idea months ago, and am surprised that Trump would feign to have just heard about it.

I would rather see Trump throw his support behind those that support his agenda and play a behind the scenes role, but if this is what it takes to try and stave off communism, I am all in.