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Senior Advisor

Dems: release criminals, take your guns

Dems, party of the rich and the criminal ILLEGAL alien. In the dem mind the criminal ILLEGAL alien is not the problem, it's your right of self defense that must be taken.


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials revealed this week that Cook County — which has shielded criminal illegal aliens from deportation since at least September 2011 — freed about 1,070 criminal illegal aliens back into neighboring communities in fiscal year 2019.


Every year, sanctuary counties released tens of thousands of illegal aliens back into American communities rather than turning them over to ICE agents. In Los Angeles County, California, about 100 criminal illegal aliens are released every day back into the general public. Federal officials have said about 80 percent of these released illegal aliens are likely to commit more crimes.

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Honored Advisor

Re: Dems: release criminals, take your guns

Don`t idiot Democrat voters understand that THEY are going to have to live in that forthcoming hellhole too????

Senior Advisor

Re: Dems: release criminals, take your guns

Hate kills the brain. Criminal ILLEGAL aliens are fine as long as the dems can absentee vote them for dems.