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Dems save Brownbackistan

As though real world evidence and nearly perfect natural experiments have any place here.

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Re: Dems save Brownbackistan

'Ol Sam's gone on to be our Ambassador for Religious Freedom. Wonder if he has any wonderful theories to test out on that matter?

Probably consults regularly with Newt's mistress/now wife who is our ambassador to the Vatican.

Senior Contributor

Re: Dems save Brownbackistan

GOP said to be scared that Krazy Kris Kobach will get the Senate nomination in KS.

He lost to the current governor who is apparently doing well although the election was 100% due to the disastrous policies of the predecessor.

Doubt that the people who will vote in the primary got the message so I guess we'll see what the GOP Deep State Establishment can pull off.

Also concern about Roy Moore in AL. Dunno, looks like he's pretty sure to be able to force a runoff due to support from the large evangelical base. Seems a bit of a stretch that he'd beat any decent opponent in the runoff, though. Never know about those folks, though, they're nursing their grudge over their mistreatment last time.