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Dems struggle running against an improving economy   




“Every time [Democrats] deny the economy is starting to turn or get better for certain parts of the population, they also hurt themselves,” says party strategist Hank Sheinkopf. “They appear to be cheering on bad news.”

And Democrats could face a similar challenge on recent news about Trump’s plans to meet North Korean leader Kim Jung Un, seen as entirely separate issue but nevertheless one that relates to overall feelings of security. While success on that front is hypothetical at this point, opponents of the president are already trying to balance skepticism and applauding signs of progress. A CNN poll released this week, for example, found that 77 percent of Americans approve of the meeting.


That same survey found that 52 percent of voters approve of Trump's handling of the economy, up from 48 percent in March. And 57 percent of voters said things overall are going well, up from 49 percent registered in the last poll on that question in February. Notably, 84 percent cited the economy an either extremely or very important factor in how they will vote in November, up from 74 percent in February. And the survey found the Democrats' advantage on the generic ballot to be just three percentage points, down from six in March and 16 in February. 



Here`s some reader comments I thought I`d pass along.  So, you Dems satisfied with this perception of you?


Democrats are running on a platform of
  1. Raise taxes
  2. Impeach President Trump
  3. Take our guns
  4. Open borders and allow illegal aliens to freely enter the US
  5. Pay money to Iran again to finance terrorism and continue building nuclear reactors for 10 years before the 'agreement' comes to an end.
Looks like a real winning platform.
    Alan McIntire
    We Hate men. We Hate untanned people. We Hate straight people. We Hate rural people. We Hate personal responsibility. We Hate religious people - except Muslims. We Hate rich people - even though our leaders are all stinking rich. We hate middle class values.
    Don't forget they also hate the American flag, veterans, the National Anthem, puppies, apple pie, and hot dogs.
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Re: Dems struggle running against an improving economy

As usual good news for America is bad news for progressives.