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It’s The Trump Virus

In honor of the Bass Tard that played golf, while the virus was ravaging the country.

”There are 15 cases, and soon there will be none!”   As he told he buddies to sell stock, because he knew the reality of what the world was facing.

Show all the pictures you want.   America knows the lies of all Republicans.


Senior Contributor

Re: Denniso: If I hadn’t been pres

Read you own clip 3020

The U.S. government will pay the companies $1.95 billion upon the receipt of the first 100 million doses, following FDA authorization or approval.

No investment just a purchase AFTER it was proven to be a successful vaccine 

AFTER the German/Turkish company and people had developed and proven it to work.

Senior Advisor

Re: Denniso: If I hadn’t been pres

The reason there is now a vaccine available is because of warp speed. They wouldn't have started mass production before approval if not for the government contract.