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Esteemed Advisor

Re: Stick It

It's a great speech karen, and I don't mind reposting it....I get more out of each time, and I am sure that you do, also.

just think, if you keep posting here, by 2024 we will both have it memorized.

or, you can just start your own threads and not poop on others.

See how easy that would be, too?

Veteran Advisor

Re: Stick It

You actually think I am stupid enough to spend time reading anything that your Bass Tard has to say?!  

You can take that speech, and shove it up your as s.   When you crap it out, it’ll truly be the piece of crap that it probably is.

Trump is a Bass Tard and a Traitor, just like Dr. rsBS, bs.


Senior Advisor

Re: Stick It

Karen, you can only say what your masters/ cult leaders tell you to say.