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Dennison says: CV worse than Pearl Harbot

One might be led to believe that would have required an immediate, massive mobilization led by the Federal government. 

Much of recorded history is foggy, for as the Attorney General said yesterday it is “written by the winners”.  Of course, there have never been bigger “winners” in history than the US and USSR military industrial complexes, but I haven’t seen posed anywhere evidence that response to Pearl Harbor was left up to Governors and Mayors. 

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Re: Dennison says: CV worse than Pearl Harbot

Not new, but of historic proportions. 

Certainly not new here where the Dinesh U Alumni regularly botch history for their own purposes at Bullwinkle's History Corner.

Thinking about one of the last things Halberstam wrote before his untimely death- when the Bush apologists were trying to frame GWB as Winston Churchill in the midst of his Iraq disaster.

I'm not sure anybody is giving enough attention to Barr's chillingly cynical line in his CBS softball interview. Yes, if we win then this will be a glorious moment in Our history.