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Dennison transferred nuclear technology to Saudis

3 days after Khashoggi murder.

Echoes of the drug deal Kushner and Flynn were cooking up earlier.

Nuthin' to see here- move along.

But those darn Iranians- and Saddam did 9/11, right?

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Stuff like this must drive John Bolton nuts

He’s been pimping and clamoring for full out war with Iran for ages. Now he’s got a book to sell to prop up his obviously less than it was before retirement and, dxxm, if now all of those other kids are getting to do the planning and set the stage and the ground rules.


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Re: Dennison transferred nuclear technology to Saudis

And where was that pilot from that shot up the air base in Florida? 

And I think he used a gun he bought right in your country, legally too. One of those guns that many on here keep telling me will protect them from some evil, some place, some time.