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Senior Advisor

Denying health care

What is worse? Waiting lists for veterans seeking help or refusing federal money for perspective medicaid patients.? In either case, they are denying care to those that need it.


IN the veterans case it is not a product of Obama and the dems to deny care to the vets. In fact, they supported a huge increase in money for veteran ccare.  Although it is on record the the repubs wacked a bunch of money for veterans during the sequestor agreement.


Now lets compare the denying funds for meeicaide. I do not know one democrat controlled state that refused the additional funding for medicaid. That funding was an integral part of the affordable care act to provide coverage to the uninsured. There was only one reason to oppose that and that was to try to make the ACA less successful.


The mean spirited righties that thought making Obama look bad was a higher priority that providing health care for the less fortunate.  Meanwhile they will use up millions of dollars in the fifth examination of bengazi which sole purpose is to win talking points against Obama and Hillary. It will accomplish nothing except keep their GD dirty tricks in the news.