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Let's keep our guns and instead punish the perps.

…….make the punishment for domestic terrorism so draconian, so dreaded, so severe that even those intending to go out in a blaze of glory would question whether or not to risk it because of the hell they’ll catch if they are caught alive.
Treat all mass shooters, regardless of the reason, as domestic terrorists. Then, treat all domestic terrorists like ISIS terrorists, revoke their citizenship, and ship their ***** to Guantanamo Bay. And when they get there, no book reading or sitting around. From the crack of dawn until dusk, it’s chains and cracking rocks, interrupted only long enough to eat some moldy bread and gulp down some barely drinkable water.
But doesn’t the Constitution forbid “cruel and unusual punishment?” Indeed it does, but what constituted “cruel and unusual” back in 1776? They certainly didn’t have air conditioning, or electricity, or running, much less filtered water. Fine, we won’t beat them with canes, but bread and water and cracking rocks from sunup to sundown seems like something a prisoner in early America would have been subjected to without violating any statutes against the punishment being “cruel” or “unusual.” And besides, it’s Guantanamo and they aren’t citizens anymore anyway, right?
Oh, and stream that stuff on YouTube as a deterrent to anyone who thinks they might want to pull this garbage again. The ad revenue alone would pay the cost of upkeep and also help support the victims’ families. It’s a win-win.
If hell exists, it can’t be hot enough for evil like this. But in the meantime, we can be sure the mass shooters who survive and are caught get to experience hell on earth for every remaining day of their pathetic, miserable lives...….

sounds like a good start....a good way to treat the communists that wish to end the American system, too. 

Excerpted from an essay on Townhall....good stuff.



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Re: Deterrent?

Most of them are crazy and intend to die in the act anyway.

Honored Advisor

Re: Deterrent?

It seems "motivation" in these mass shootings is focused and weighed upon too much.  I of course wasn`t around when Al Capone killed people and Bonnie & Clyde robbed banks murdering people along the way.  But I really doubt if there was a running tally of "Al Capone murdered more black people than white people Al Capone a white nationalist???"   Or "Bonnie and Clyde had Herbert Hoover yard signs in their garage, are they Republicans????".

Today if someone robs a liquor store, it seems "motivation" isn`t played up, it`s "a guy needs money, the liquor store has cash so guy robs liquor store bada boom bada bing 10 years in prison!".  Motivation of a crime is supposed to only determine guilt ie "the perpetrator needed money".

But with these mass shootings they immediately get political...and I fall for it too.  I find myself hoping that the perpetrator is a "person of colouuuur and a Bernie Sanders supporter" just so we don`t have to go through the very crap that we are for the next 2 weeks.  It shouldn`t be this way, in a tragedy we should as a nation mourn and celebrate the life of the victims instead of giving the perpetrator another 15 minutes of fame by publishing his "manifesto". 


Re: Deterrent?

I view a mass shooting as very "anti-American" behavior and that the perps should be treated as pond scum, and have to endure hellish conditions for the rest of their morbid lives....we also need to try to change society back to where the trajectory is one of rising morality, not falling.

I don't claim to be perfect, I have made my share of mistakes in my life, but I do have a good moral compass and that is a result of my upbringing. I know what right and wrong many in this world do not even agree that there is a right and wrong anymore.

Men spent thousands of years coming up with a moral code of conduct....jackwads want to knock it all down in a decade or two....yeah,  they know who they are....they can get a spell at Gutmo Bay too .

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Re: Deterrent?

Back in high school there was a weird kid that wore Kiss t-shirts and had a stack of satan worshiping books, his dad was Army recruiter, so they moved occasionally, no one liked him and certainly didn`t glorify him only talked to him to mock.   But today with social media, that guy would be a hero to a small group.   But he talked about "back in Missouri" him and his friends did horrible things to anyone that so much as said anything bad about Kiss.  He would`ve been a prime candidate to be on a FBI potential shooter watch list.  Perhaps the school "bullied" him, as some now would see, however with not having one ally it kept him in line.

These shooters seem like they lie dormant for months and then when one starts then you get a slough of mass shooting activity.  Just one lemming jumps off the cliff and it starts a stampede.  They have to be aware when they go on these sprees that it`s a suicide cause, they can`t expect some sort salvation from the One True God. 

Perhaps society should bully them, run PSA commercials against mass shooters like they do for texting while driving and anti smoking. Charlie Manson had a following as strange as that can seem, women wanted him to father their children.

Maybe send any survivor shooters to Gitmo as you say and have a live stream of what a life they will lead and a slide show of the dead shooters` perforated bodies and a video of the UNOPENED manifesto being burned, never to be publicly read . 

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Re: Deterrent?

The killer in Texas should be hung, drawn and quartered, just like they used to do in England. The gore should be seen on pay-per-view TV, with the proceeds going to the victims. 

Let any other potential killers beware a similar fate.