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Did FLOTUS to be work as an escort?

Probably no way to know as nobody who is either pandering or johnning in the super high end escort space is likely to talk. I'd say 50/50, as she needed to make a living somehow as an illegal immigrant.


Anyway, trophy wives are just a legal form of the same. I have no idea what sort of arrangement the have for her to serve as his arm piece, and don't really care as long as the national security isn't harmed. But the point being that is is laughable that there are plnty of Good Folks who think that those people are like us in any way, shape or form.


And anyway, being a high end hooker isn't nearly as bad as being a cross dressing gorilla who needs to go back to Africa.


Trump typically has 50-100 lawsuits going at any given time and he has one on this matter for libel against the paper and blogger who quoted an Eastern European source on the matter. There are legal experts who think the Gawker/Hulk Hogan case is a bad precedent for the defendants here but I don't see it- that was a privacy case- they never claimed that the secretly taped sex tape didn't show Hulk banging "his best friend's wife", it was a matter of whether it was an invasion of privacy to put it up.


My guess is that the case will never see a jury- they might settle for a small undisclosed amount and claim vicrory or might just keep it alive to keep the discussion tamped down.



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Re: Did FLOTUS to be work as an escort?

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Re: Did FLOTUS to be work as an escort?

Re: Did FLOTUS to be work as an escort?

To my point-


The fact that your billionaire* president is not bound by any conventional rules stands as a metaphor for the neo-nazi sense of both entitlement and grievance about not receiving your due.


*Actually probably not, but his failing empire was saved when he got to play one on TV.


A trophy wife is no small bit of playing that part.

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Re: Did FLOTUS to be work as an escort?

Whatever she charged it wasn't nearly enough.

Re: Did FLOTUS to be work as an escort?

Haven't had posts dripping with onanism like this since 2008.


Also goes without saying that Trump spending new years eve with a guy called Joey No Socks is similar- rules don't apply when it is our crooks.

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Re: Did FLOTUS to be work as an escort?


IDK, The more I hear about her, the more I think that she's easily persuaded, especially when showered with luxury for just being pretty.

This "rich guy " made her feel like a princess with promises of an amazing ( the BEST!! ) life and his undying devotion.  But once married, she found herself trapped with a micro-management self centered over the top  narcissist who controls what friends she's allowed to have, where she's allowed to go, what she wears, when and where to say what.


She does NOT seem happy in any sense.


Also, I think Mr little hands is emabrrased about having an " imperfection " as a child, ( See Tom Arnolds secret tapes ) but then he should have been used to it lol