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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Did the Orlando shooter act alone?

There are questions being raised if a "lone wolf" could`ve pulled off the murders logistically.  He had 3 guns and magazines and about 350 shells, he killed 50 and wounded 50...could a lone untrained or even very well trained individual kill or wound 100 people with 350 shells?  That is 3 1/2 shots per person wounded or killed.  350 shells is (7) 50 rd bricks of ammo..go into the store or I could just go to the kitchen 🙂 and pick up 7 bricks of ammo...that`s bulky and a fair amount of he had the magazines and 3 guns and also it was reported he had explosives. 


Could a trained SEAL pull that off alone?  Granted everyone was understandably petrified with fear and were sitting ducks, but the FBI really needs to be looking if there wasn`t some inside help, like maybe a team that were pretending to be club goers carried in some of the ammo for him.  



Just some questions, it might be possible that Mateen was a lone wolf, but it`s something to be skeptical about.

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Red Steele
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Re: Did the Orlando shooter act alone?

wouldn't surprise me one iota if they trace the attack back to Hil-liar-y and Obama....


Guns, Gays, Government worker.......its one of those things that are so confusing, it

takes the attention off Benghazi, illegal emails, and the plethora of other Clinton

goings on.


And they just kney they could get a myraid collection of talking points from Mr. Motor

Mouth Trump to really dice it up.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Did the Orlando shooter act alone?