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Veteran Advisor

Did trump really win ??

I have a bit of snow on the ground and it's in the 30's outside, a bit cool for me, so might as well stay in the house, and need

to warm things up, so this ought to make a good bon fire to keep things warm for a while around here !!!


Today, Facebook, Twitter, Google, all got grilled by congress about how the Russians had impacted things here.


They estimated 126 MILLION people saw ads paid for by Russia,  that were in Trumps benefit.  Some 2200 accounts on 

Twitter that are linked to the Internet research bureau.......otherwise Russia........and they had stuff on them........


so did google.


They also helped fuel the fire on two other incidents related to race, that included riots and etc.


Here is an interesting question, if you were mislead by false information by a foreign country, and cast your vote due to this


planted false information.........could your vote be void ???


The question is.......if this information was not true, then why didn't the trump people make that known ???


So the question much did the trump people know this misleading information was out there ?


If you based your vote on false and misleading information.......could you recall your vote ???