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Dinesh D`Souza

This is a fantastic interview that ties into some of the recent days posts.  About smart liberal Christian-lites  feeling guility about "oh my goodness what would Jesus do?"...of course they select what feel morally outraged about, abortion isn`t the problem...wars don`t seem to be a problem if Obama is involved.


What Dinesh explains is this Alinsky/Obama tactic of putting "decent people in impossible situations"  oh they go "LOL  LOL LOL"   and "Har Har Har", claiming that they are "exposing decent people`s hypocrisy".  


What they are really doing is asking you "If I tied all your children to a railroad track and a train is coming and you only had time to save only one of your children, which child would you save?"  Then however you answer their catch-22 question they will retort back  "LOL LOL 🙂 so you`d kill some of your kids  Har Har Har  LOL LOL 🙂  🙂 :)!!!".

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Re: Dinesh D`Souza


The internet is a very very bad thing for certain people as it feeds an already unhealthy mind.


gough whitlam
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Re: Dinesh D`Souza

If it wasn't for the Internet most of the knuckleheads on here would be digging on gutters. In fact it has not taken them out of gutter but they have dug themselves deeper by displaying their bigotry and ignorance.
Red Steele
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Spot on

basic morality has left a good chunk of the American electorate......if you go back to the 50's or 60's, the basic foundation of either party wasn't all that they seem like polar opposites.