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Veteran Advisor

Dirty cops in kansas

This news makes my blood boil.

Cops deciding what laws are good

Or bad to enforce....

Yet still..they say they serve and


There are other "stupid rules".…

Such as set belts, etc they seem

To have no problem writting

A ticket...saying it is for your

Own good....

So now they saw they will now 

Fallow the law nor enforce it.

The mask is a safety issue, 

Same as seat belt


The other is ..they are rural...they

have never seen this stuff first

Hand...nor known people who

Have lost friends.

What laws do they think next 

They need and take law in

Their own hands.






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Senior Advisor

Re: Dirty cops in kansas

Kind of like a president who refuses to enforce immigration laws. Or orders the FBI to spy on his replacement.

Senior Contributor

Re: Dirty cops in kansas

Cops ordered to stand down across the country while democrats loot, burn, and murder you, cheaps, said nothing.    Ordered by democrat city governments not to enforce the law.   And not forcing people to wear masks is what gets your blood up? 

Veteran Advisor

Re: Dirty cops in kansas

Sam....I want you to provide hard

proof that those looting were all the saying goes...

either put up or shut up.....and

each and every one of them better

be democrats.

Stand down times that

is is a case by case 


You know what I'm getting sick

And tired of is saying if you are

A member of said party, you are

this or that...that mindset is crafted

By a few on radio and internet

""news"" sources....Pat Robertson

At CBN, which I used to donate

To, is perhaps the worst putting

Down democrats.

Senior Advisor

Re: Dirty cops in kansas

The dem mayors allowed it to happen. You support dems you support rioting, looting, burning, and murder. It's the dems demanding the statues of our founding fathers be removed. It's the dems calling for revolution and claiming the solution is revolution not the ballot box.

Senior Contributor

Re: Dirty cops in kansas

You'd like to redirect your discussion cheaps, but I'm not playing along.

You never voiced a complaint about democrat city governments forcing cops to stand down for looting.  You want cops to arrest people for not wearing masks.  

Democrats have spray painted all over the country the letters ACAB.  You know what that stands for? 

Neighborhoods destroyed, businesses looted and burned, people murdered, 554 people in Chicago alone shot in june, but the thing that gets your blood up is cops not arresting people for not wearing masks.