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Dividing up the problems

I was going to link to Kurt Schlichters latest townhall column about the liberals basically hate everything I love, and love everything I hate , and then thought...why bother?  The practical people here think that the posters from the other side are fruitloops, and the the dreamers think the rest of us are heartless turds, and a link to a column isn't going to change anything.

The basic problem here in America is that we are divided....a little over half of the country believes in some basic values and the other half or so doesn't. Why should the country keep enduring turmoil over capital punishment, abortion, what marriage is and isn't, etc? Why not just split into two or more separate countries, divide up the debts and nuclear arsenals, keep some ports for both countries, etc.

I might lose two related families that profess to be liberal, but I actually doubt I would. I know their core values, and if they have to go forward in fruitloop land, I bet they move out and reside in a red area. Not sure how the packed cities are going to handle anything going forward, but that would be a liberal problem and a lot of stuff, including Covid-19 seems to be a liberal disease. 

I was never a big fan of hog confinement buildings, looked at them and decided that wasn't something I wanted to be a part of. Same with big cities....not my thing.  Seems like a disaster waiting to happen. This Covid-19 is not really a disaster, on the scale of what mankind has endured and will endure but rather a harbinger of what is to come....the next pandemic might not take just a fraction of a percent, but could be 30 percent, 40, or take us all. 

Red State America is more suited to having population spread out, and will be able to deal with control measures a lot better than the urban, more liberal areas do. But it is still a problem.

Not wanting to sound heartless, just being realistic here. I might catch Covid-19 and die, too...any of us can, but we really have to take a hard look at what packing populations in huge clusters can lead to. It is not something that should be encouraged.