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Veteran Advisor

Do You Know These People?

Forward any information about the whereabouts of this Crime Spree Family to your nearest FBI office.

Please note - there is evidence of mental instability in the "Big Guy".    Do not approach or attempt to apprehend on your own.    Their last know position, was near the White House of the US, where they led an attempted insurrection of the United States:

 Don, jr, ivanka, erik.jpg

Additionally, the FBI would like information on this man, believed to be traveling with this party:



All should be assumed dangerous, unstable, and capable of continued damage to the United States of America.

Thank you for your help and support in bringing these know terrorists to justice.



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Veteran Advisor

Re: Do You Know These People?

Friend called me and said Trump is going to be vacating the Presidency as of 5:40 pm today - looking for verification.