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BA Deere
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Do it for Denmark!

Denmark has a demographic problem, they need more babies.  The Dane government did a study that Danes have more sex while on vacay, so they are paying for a vacation that coincides with the woman`s ovulation cycle.  And they get a family friendly vacation after the little crumb muncher is born.  


Denmark seems to be populated with probably some of the most beautiful people on earth, they are successful, i`m sure they have plenty of sex but they just don`t want to procreate.  I don`t think sending them on vacation will change their mindset of not having kids.  If beautiful people don`t want to have kids, isn`t this planet destined to be totally populated by homely people one day?


Here`s what the President of Denmark looks like.


If that`s representative of Danish women and I was single over there..I would be constantly passing out from dehydration....just sayin`  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Do it for Denmark!

I was in WalMart in EStherville a couple of weeks ago and it's clearly obvious hat Iowa is doing it's part in getting to the goal you mentioned.

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Re: Do it for Denmark!



My fiance' is Danish.  Smiley Very Happy

Re: Do it for Denmark!

You were in wal-mart? an EVIL corporation that doesn't pay a living wage! Shame on you!

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Re: Do it for Denmark!

Typical big government. First they pay for the vacation to get the woman pregnant then they pay for their abortion after she changes her mind.

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Re: Do it for Denmark!

Welfare babies?

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Re: Do it for Denmark!

Ooopoooooo. The evils of sex!!!!!! The is swear words to all the godbotherers. They still have storks as a national treasure.