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bruce MN

Dobb’s, Hannity, Pirro

Best line from the multiple interviews Nunberg volunteered to give today: 


Dobbs, Hannity, Pirro are going to be very embarrassed.




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Senior Advisor

Re: Dobb’s, Hannity, Pirro

Was that after he sobered up or before.

bruce MN

Re: Dobb’s, Hannity, Pirro

Thanks. I’ve been wondering if the “He was drunk” was going to be the primary working meme.


If so, you probably should be wishing he’d had 3 or 4 more bumps. 


You did catch, did you not, that when he’d had time to reflect (or sober up, in your world) he reconsidered and said that he will honor the subpoena and appear. 

Senior Contributor

Re: Dobb’s, Hannity, Pirro

Being drunk does not make what he said wrong.

What it often does is 'lubricates' the mind so he tells the truth of what he knows rather than lying and hiding things