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Does it change anything

If the glorious pictures of Sir Anthony Weiner were requested by the folks that received them? I think it was Morning Joe that revealed that this morning.


So while your MRS. was chatting with Weiner and he was making his speil, She commented that she would like to see that and the cooperative fellow that he was, he sent them to her. Now your Mrs. is obviously disappointed in you and you don't much like that! LOL

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Does it change anything

Pal Chat has talk rooms where you can discuss that type of thing, Shifty.


I hear there are rooms for bestiality, too , and whatever else trips your trigger.


Of course, you probably know all that , and just want to bring ag Forum down to your level.



Senior Advisor

Re: Finally

something you really are an authority on. I don't visit those sites. In the first place I'm not interested and the second place wifey would spank me.

Senior Contributor

Re: Does it change anything


Not any more than a rapist can claim innocencse, because his victim dressed like she 'wanted to be raped', or a murder victim 'wanted to be shot'.

Let's not forget, that when this whole thing came out in the open Weiner made false claims that someone hacked into his internet service (and the Republicans were blamed) and those kinds of false claims are felonies.