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Veteran Contributor

Does today's American professional cowboy make a lot of money?

These are the true swaggering grit-teeth sh-tkicking cowboys, I am talking about, mounted on horses wth old-fashioned ropes, boots, six-gun rigs, bandanas, chaps, silver spurs and ten-gallon hats working beef on ranches and ranges, from sunup til sundown, not goofy rodeo show-offs in helmets. 


A week ago, deli corned beef was $12.99/lb. at the delicatessen counter in my Raley's supermarket here in the Sacramento Valley of California so maybe it makes me wonder if I am even working in the wrong racket as an IT professional.


Them prices were just enough to make me feel tempted to cuss like a drunken sailor, grit my teeth and saddle up for the Old West, pardnurr!