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Senior Advisor

Re: Here's a good one

@kraft-t wrote:

You have no evidense that the IRS has harmed you at all. NONE!

There is a lot of evidence but most of it has been destroyed. A clear violation of the law. The IRS is being used as a political weapon by those in charge against those who disagree with their viewpoints.

Veteran Advisor

Abatement process? thanks for the headsup

you just gave me a GREAT reason for sending a paper check, as I think my computer was down that week. wink, wink.


Shifty doesn't appear to even understand what the 5% penalty was all about, pretty typical.

Senior Advisor

Re: No it's a subversion of the law

The tax code in question requires that the political group be highly involved in social causes. The fact is most of them are soley political action groups with no involvement in social improvement. That is according to federal law.


Thus all groups democrat and republican have been audited to see if the comply with the regulation. BTW someone during the Eisenhower administration changed the interpetation of the wording of the actual law. Thus Millions if not billions of campaign dollars are directed to the campaign while enjoying tax exemptions they are not entitled to. Thus the taxpayers are subsidizing secret corporation campaign contributions.