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you can, apparently, get away with using veterans charities for scams.

But I think dogs are going too far.

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Re: Dogs

"What do you mean by that?
If you're talking about a dog harming, you must be prepared for that. If you are the owner, you should always remember that the dog is not thinking rationally. He only has treats and toys on his mind. You should pay attention to her, so she doesn't feel abandoned. If you leave the house for a long time, leave her toys so she can amuse herself. I bought my Chappy a Large Cotton Rope Ball Toy.
To keep your clothes, shoes, and other important items safe, your pet should have a suitable toy that he can chew on safely without fear. Special toys also help to strengthen the jaw, remove plaque and remove unpleasant odors. In addition, toys are good helpers in forming the necessary instincts and commands, for example, search and habituation to the cage or his place.