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Re: Looney Left

That's funny, coming from likes of your crowd!! Rand Paul, Sharon Angle, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Carly Fiorena! Biggest bunch of crackpot, dufuses yet. OH, and I almost forgot, Craig Milligan.

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Re: Doing Some Pondering...Who Will Branstad Pick For L.Gov?

If I recall correctly, Vilsack blew though the $900 million surplus that he inherited from Branstad within 2 years. Vilsack was plauged with "budget holes" and raided the "rainy day fund" and did very questionable gimicks to give the apperance of "balanced" budget. While I`m typing let me say a few unfair hits Branstad took during the primary. He raised gas taxes twice, ...good!! Culver should have raised gas taxes a nickle or dime to fix roads. Gas tax is the fairest tax on road repair, putting the expense on those that actually do the wear and tear. Branstad brought in gambling....not exactly, he was against it but basically was swimming into a rip-tide of support for it. The arguement was, keep the gambling Iowan`s money here instead of sending it to Redwing or Las Vegas. 

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Re: Doing Some Pondering...Who Will Branstad Pick For L.Gov?

I agree on the road tax thing BA.  I am mostly against him because I think no one should go to the govs mansion that much I just think it is time for some new blood If reagan were alive I would say the same thing or for that matter if Ike was deciding to rerun the same go's Just cause you did it once doesn't mena your todays best man! JR