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Re: Don, help me with my math

@hardnox604008 wrote:


Of course the number of USA direct casualties exceeding the 3K number cancels the whole thing out before you even get into the money thing.






It absolutely does not. 

Re: Did you get that Idea from George Soros?

You got a problem with the math?



Re: Don, help me with my math



The claim adjuster already put a number on the victims through the buyout settlement.


Easter is a holy day. This is a sham.

Re: I changed my mind

I think it is more important to find out who murdered those 3000 people than it is to be reverent about the official story.\\


But that was't my point- it was about the epic fiscal disaster that this was.

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Re: like a good demorat

who thinks every one is for sale --i bet you are a seller of black people too