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Re: Don`t let the pony bite your tïts

BA is mostly right on this.  Most of the Democrat party policies are not working, unless you favor big government, high spending, high taxation, more socialism, less freedom, etc.  Only a minority were satisfied with the direction of the economy, etc.  The Republican party general stance against abortion is a limiting factor in their current election success. Part of it is the abortion issue itself, and part of it is poor communication. 

Take Missouri, for example.  Most would say that abortion is currently "banned" post-Roe, and then get hyped up about the "ban" potentially costing mothers lives in specific circumstances, such as ectopic pregnancy.  In these types of circumstance, like ectopic pregnancy and some others, they are considered necessary medical procedures and are actually not considered "abortions" and are not "banned" at all.  But that has been poorly communicated.

Lindsay Graham unnecessarily complicated the abortion issue right before the election, which likely cost some Republican votes.  Yet, that's not to say that he was wrong in suggesting that a general "ban" after 12-15 weeks (with some expected exceptions) would be something a majority of all sides could possibly accept.  He's likely correct, and some similar position will most likely eventually become the normal position, although sensibilities and the political process tend to move like cold molasses.

Banning ALL abortions (with or without special exceptions) is a generally losing political stance, at least for those who elevate the abortion issue above most economic and other issues. This is how it was in the years before and soon after Roe, and for many voters (especially young female voters), this was a singular issue for them, bigger than the economy, bigger than Vietnam, bigger than Watergate.  Of course, there are other methods of actual "birth control" available to them, and to men.

Then we also have Rick Scott coming out with his "plan" pre-election, in which he suggested putting everything up for a vote perhaps every 5 years or something, including Social Security and Medicare, etc.  That was a really stupid move, even in the minds of many/most Republicans, which cost many switch-votes based on the economy, etc.  Democrats nationwide appropriately seized the opportunity to again claim that Republicans were going to get rid of or limit both SS and Medicare. 

McCarthy also made a bone-headed move in putting together his "contract with America" knock-off right before the election.  Newt claimed great success with his plan for the interim elections during the Clinton years, although most had never heard of it when they actually voted.  With today's communication speeds via the internet, etc., parts of McCarthy's "contract" were immediately grabbed, twisted, memed, etc., and likely also did more harm than good.

Then there were also the weaknesses in and inconsistent support from the McConnell leadership and RNC leadership via Ronna Romney McDaniel.  Both of them probably need to head for the dust bin of history.

Bottom Line -- the Republicans, in the final month or so of the campaigns, screwed up what appeared to be a slam-dunk on taking over both the House and Senate.  Their failure has much more to do with their own political maneuvering than with any perceived strengths of the Democrats or Biden administration policies.


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Re: 15 weeks, try again buddy.

63% 0f American women think that abortion should be legal without exceptions, and 73% think that abortions should be legal with some exceptions. That 10% difference isn't going to get you elected. By the way, 58% of men think that abortion should be legal without exception, only a 5%  difference.

  Oh, and by way, that's DeSantis' 15 weeks with absolutely no exceptions.  As for Florida's population, it is very significantly older than the US population as a whole and particularly among younger adults (aka younger women).  I wouldn't necessarily depend on Florida to make your predictions about the abortion vote.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: 15 weeks, try again buddy.

Democrats outspent Republicans $3 to $1 that is an inconvenient truth!   A pass was given for Democrats not debating or doing poorly in DEFENSE of their positions, that would `ve been the mark of a loser in previous campaigns.  Biden, received credit for paying off students loans (though it never came to fruition) he promised to forgive drug convictions.  Any other time in history Biden would be guilty of BUYING votes!  with taxpayer money, I might add.  

All this and STILL Democrats lost the House!   Out spend opponents  3 to 1 and lose, but spin it as winning???? You gotta be kidding me!!!  The Democrats should be thrown in the pen, fückin crööks!

This from Victor Davis Hanson, the 2 goofballs don`t watch You Tube videos, too much fun to wallow in their own ignorance, I suppose.   

Senior Advisor

Re: Outspent 3 to 1, try again buddy.

Through the end of Sept. the last reporting date available, the republicans spent over $4.7 billion, the Democrats spent just under $3.6 billion.

   I doubt very much if the Democrats managed to spend another $10.5 billion in the last month of the campaign.