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Donald J. Who?

Quite shortly after the end of the catastrophic GWB terms the GOP flushed him down the memory hole- gone without a trace. In his place were ever aggravated grievances of 1993-2001 and 2009-2017 and the profound indiginities afflicted upon Good People by Not Our Kind of Folks.

The only other way to play it is like Reagan, where you lionize his achievements to Rushmore degree and ignore that all the stuff that is today deemed intolerable accelerated into overdrive in his years.

Not seein' that for DJ Who?

he magic is that even though GWB vanished without a trace the damage that he, Rove, Dick et al produced still lingers.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Donald J. Who?

Nah, everyone remembers gwb for what he was, the best that could be expected from a democrat.


You are certainly guilty of the same mem hole thing?  Remeber when you were against fisa courts, nsa spying, cia overthrown and foreign intervention.   Now you're Dick Cheney's bff.

Re: Donald J. Who?

What most here will remember is when you weren’t a rock ribbed Republican. 

So pleased for you that The Party turned your way!

Senior Contributor

Re: Donald J. Who?

Way off.  Most republicans are hardly better than democrats.