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BA Deere
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Double barrel 12ga schools AR type assailants

"Ow, he shot my arm off"  😂😂😂   Yeah, poor motherfücker.   80yr with a shotgun more deadly that these "assualt rifles"  what have I been telling you people?

Wild Video Shows Robbery Suspects Shot By 80 Year Old Owner With Shotgun

By Louie g

August 2, 2022


Don't mess with 80 year old Liquor Store Owner Craig from Norco because he got a double barrell waiting for you. The fact that he was able to act quick and be prepared to defend himself at age 80 is awesome. Craig did end up having a heart attack after the incident which he is recovering from. The suspects who have now been identified had stolen guns in the suv and the one who got shot is at a hospital recovering from the bullet wounds. Full Story Here

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Re: Double barrel 12ga schools AR type assailants

Good guy with a gun

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Re: "Good guy with a gun", FINALLY!

But notice, he came close to missing, only shot him in the arm.  Maybe the old duffer needs his glasses checked.  

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Re: "Good guy with a gun", FINALLY!

(he came close to missing)

So...that would be hitting then?

(the old duffer)

This "old duffer" is 100 times the man that our 80 year old dear leader old duffer joe is.