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Senior Advisor

Double uh oh

Dennison trying to speed up the approval of the Oxford vaccine beyond the already unprecedented speed, as an election stunt.

A vaccine serves no purpose if people don’t trust the process and that was already a problem.

Second, it turns out that a venerable line of stem cells from an aborted fetus was used in development, leading the Catholic Archbishop of Australia to oppose mandatory use there.

So you have 60 pct of the population that distrusts Dennison and 40 pct heavily pro-life.

But on the bright side, Notre Dame still plans to play football.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Double uh oh

Pretty clear that under US law you can’t make a vaccine mandatory.

A state or local health authority can for schools and employers can. Although that’s been litigated heavily recently.

bruce MN

Attended very politically diverse extended family event yesterday

Impressively well spaed, PPE’s and sanitized and hopefully no spreaders and no tracing calls coming, but a very careful bunch. Better, at least than an NFL training camp or Mass with 3020.

Big takeaway from this gathering of Democrats and Republicans, spiritual and agnostic, young and old, extensively educated and not so much,  (admittedly 100% Caucasian) assemblage was that not one single soul approved of the COVID situation being trivialized or discounted as anything other than very, very serious. These 2 Dennison treatment memes do precisely that. Plasma has been used for months. Acting like it is brand new is hideous. All of this treatment chatter isn’t and hasn’t been anything about what people genuinely fear. They simply don’t want, and don’t want their peeps to get it. 

No actual survey taken, but by informally tabulating the big leader in the race for a next step was by a large margin for a mandatory, enforced and penalty accompanied nationwide extreme lockdown of a sufficient duration. With extreme paring down of the “essential” list. As one cousin said, “give everybody a few days to stock up on toilet paper and beer” and shut ‘er down.

Came away surprised, to say the least.

Senior Advisor

Re: Attended very politically diverse extended family event yesterday

BTW, my view of the human race hasn’t become so jaundiced as to make me believe that some majority of the 40 pct trusts him either.

They just have overriding urgencies.