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Veteran Advisor

Dr Birx

Is not comparing apples and apples.  

She is saying the Italy and Spain is doing better, and we are 12 days behind them.  But, these countries, especially Italy - has shut it all down.  We have not.   We cannot compare the US to these countries, because we are STILL NOT DOING WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

Trump says this, “Is going to be over soon.”  But never addresses what “soon” is.  He wants the country opened back up.  

Twelve days is not “soon”.   Trump is still spewing lies to America.  It is going to be months.  Not soon in my book.  And high risk groups still won’t be safe UNTIL THERE IS A VACCINE or an actual PROVEN drug that helps the medical side of the virus’s attack.


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Senior Advisor

Re: Dr Birx

Hope she is right but that and the less optimistic ones are just models.

Barring the hope that it fades with Spring I can’t help but think the south will get hit hard.

Even if it peaks soon as we hope there will be a long plateau and a lot of illness and death on the downslope. 

And it will not be extirpated, just lessened. Life isn’t going back to normal for a long time.