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Re: Dr. Puke.... on dying

Obviously a Federal Deep State Plot.

Each death reduces future Federal expenditures on SS and Medicare.

Meanwhile for the states, those transfers to anybody who can make it to disability or 65 contribute to the economy- saod that in KY 25% of the economy is Federal transfers.

Although it might require some immigration in order to continue to fund those.

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Re: Dr. Puke.... on dying

BTW, as far as rural America, and red states etc., one of the notable sub demographics of long life expectancy is rural white folks in the Upper Midwest.

Although those old Lake Wobegoners and the very healthy society of the past that they represent are fading away anyway, and being displaced. Some immigrants but mostly just poorer (economically, culturally, educationally) post-agrarian folks.

As I've noted before, those places still a generation removed from the degree of slow motion social collapse where I come from. 2 generations from American Carnage places nearer Sam and 3020.

Re: Dr. Puke.... on dying

Minnesota without saying.  

Lost often , though, is that Iowa and Wisconsin in other days coming out of socio-economic upheaval gave us Henry Wallace and Bob LaFollett, respectively.

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Re: Dr. Puke.... on dying

There`s too many factors to draw conclusions on life expectancy, for one thing a common complaint is that Black people have a lower life expectancy...well they vote Democrat.  Wasn`t it Obama that said "give granny a pain pill and send her home instead of a new hip"?

Our nursing homes are 110% filled up, to be very blunt, I don`t know why you`d want to live 10 years longer and spend it in a "dog pound", but that`s just me, to each their own.

Those who`s family lost a local hardware store due to Walmart, now the once prominent family has to take a $15/hr job at a factory...well, it`s understandable that they are going to smoke a cigarette at break time and go through the McDonalds and vote for Trump to change things.

So Krugman is just giving his opinion on why the caged bird sings.