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Veteran Advisor

Dr. Rice Endorses Jeff Sessions

yup, the guy must be a dyed in the wool racist, and probably a

misgynocist too.


So who are you gonna believe....the fruitloops or an educated

black woman from his own state that has actually been around

the man?

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bruce MN

Re: Dr. Rice Endorses Jeff Sessions

There really isn't much to talk about theses days, as in spite of not supplying requested materials the cabinet fills up, the inauguration is in a few days and then off we'll go. Not looking like there will be enough GOP votes in the Senate to summarily junk out ACA so that could become something that might fire up the word chambers.

What is interesting is how much of the conversation in places like this one and in the mainstream press is still centered around selling Trump.
Senior Contributor

Re: Dr. Rice Endorses Jeff Sessions



why do you  keep talking about a breakfast cereal ??


I thouhgt you all wanted to put everytihing aside now, and come together for the " good of the country " ??

Senior Contributor

Truth hurts doesn't it.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Truth hurts doesn't it.

Tell em Ted!